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    • Category Share Your Designs(non-puzzle)
    • Category description This is where you put any levels other than challenges or puzzles.
      This includes: Goldbergs, Ragdolls, Machines, Sorters, Etc.
    • Discussions 2205
    • Category Share Your Designs(puzzles)
    • Category description This category is strictly for puzzles, this means logic, gravity, or timing. Any others can be posted in "non-puzzles" category.
      Paste your play code here, or give a link to your puzzle. Please don't paste xml source code here. The max number of characters of a post is 5,000 bytes.Share your puzzle play code.
    • Discussions 1746
    • Category Share Your Designs(challenges)
    • Category description Start challenges such as courses and terrains so players can create machines to complete the challenge. (Source code must be enabled)
    • Discussions 274
    • Category Help and Advice
    • Category description Post your problems here and a Moderator, Administrator or Advanced Member will help you as soon as we can. Players are welcome to help also.
    • Discussions 224
    • Category Bug Report
    • Category description Please freely report the bugs you encountered here. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
    • Discussions 112
    • Category Graphics Art
    • Category description Graphics Art, either 2d or 3d, either traditional or digital.
    • Discussions 9