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      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2012 edited
    first design i never finished, was RED - google it if you have never played it, but its very fun.

    the reason it was never fully released was because there was a problem with the collision health...
    when objects hit you, the "get object velocity" did not render until AFTER the shape rebounded... therefore no damage was done...
    i THINK the numbers on the right side represent the velocity of the shape before and after it hits... and its the same for both >_> ...
    the 100 is your health... if it ever goes down lol....
    Created sometime last summer, or before that... enjoy guys :)

    WASD or arrow keys - aim
    and space - shoot

    2nd, was my Bio Tank, which never had an actual level to go with it... so here's what i had completed up until i ran into bugs in 1.55 ....
    main bug... well shoot the hook shot at the boulder and see for yourself...

    CONTROLS - some you may have to discover since its been since last summer since i made this xD here's what i remember....
    S / D - rotate tank
    arrow keys - move tank
    c - shoot hook
    v - propel toward hook ( if hook is attached to a fixed object (wall), or a very heavy object like a giant bolder..)
    b - release hook
    f - pull object on hook toward you --- i may have removed this... or it may be severely bugged... i forget xD
    z - lazer guidance for shoots
    space - shoot
    i / o - increase / decrease shot power
    g - enable / disable extra gravity pull (useful for climbing cliffs or hanging upside down)
    look for more controls?

    and enjoy :)

      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2012
    so.. i've updated RED some :) i hope you guys like it... although no one has commented yet :/ ...

      CommentAuthorGolden Actor (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2012
    Well I really enjoyed playing those ;)

    I couldn't quite get the hang of the hook shot but loved driving that little tank :D Also love the asteroids defender game, especially the smooth colours of the updated version... Maybe some kind of flash or sparks should be added when you lose some health. But as it is - a wonderful game.
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    • CommentAuthorkinloch
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012 edited
    These are really fun.
    I do like the tank :)
    I don't know if this is supposed to happen but when I fired the hook at some ground and pulled myself towards it the ground suddenly moved. It happened twice to separate pieces of ground and both times it rotated the ground a bit.
      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012
    no its not, the hook shot is rather bugged lol
    Brilliant work on the laser targeting! But, with the 'new' (I don't know how old it is, I haven't played for about two years before I registered) polyline editing, you can do better. Still, no clue how you did it.-----------------
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      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2012
    that is very true sky! i could do better! but this was made before the poly line editing...
    hmm... i wonder if i could easily convert it into that...
    I've already mapped the X and Y co-ordinates with the dots right? all I need to do is use a poly line instead of the dots :O ???
    perhaps i'll take some time to look at this tomorrow if I don't have other plans :) great idea though! thanks :D
    oh, and I already used this before I think, if you check my Turret Pong game, the AI is very intelligent :P it's VERY hard to win hard mode haha