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    • CommentAuthorXyuzhg (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013 edited
    I think we need a new challenge!
    The last time we had anything like a challenge was October last year, just about 4 months ago.
    So I just sat down for a moment and thought about what kind of challenge would be best suited for our editor...
    And I thought of power sources!
    So here is the challenge: Use only power sources to guide the infected ball to the uninfected ball!

    Just in case you don't know, power sources are those four boxes that look like
    They work when you make one a brother to a shape, and they constantly apply a force/impulse on the object.

    The rules are simple:

    -CI rules (infect all uninfected, avoid all dontinfects)

    -You may not edit anything except...
    1.Power sources
    2.Brother bonds between a power source and an object
    3.Fixing the rotation of an object

    -You may not create a brother bond between two objects that are previously not bonded

    -The level must solve permanently

    I will personally judge after a few days the best solution, based on how simple/cool/amusing the solution is.-----------------
    Hopefully PA is inconsistent.
      CommentAuthorMadball (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013
    It seems you have a solution. But I really wonder if anyone else will solve it...
    So far: