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Vanilla 1.1.9 is a product of Lussumo. More Information: Documentation, Community Support.

    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2013

    Welcome contributions!-----------------
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    • CommentAuthorMCC (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2013
    I just took a peek at the code. Lookin' good! It is very well commented out and makes good use of basic system engineering (getters, setters, design patterns...)
    Little flash game makers seem to care about good habits at the moment unfortunatelly. :)

    I'm afraid I have a few projects of my own (now that I need to start gaining life for good) and I might have to do more studies/get a stable job later on...

    However, I promise that in these summer vacations I will be making at least a couple of simple plugins for the editor to get to know the code. =D
    I will have to learn to master Github too, which is pretty new to me. ;)-----------------
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