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    BioManiac R2 wouldn't answer a simple, yes/no question in the chat. I think he's kicked out anyway. Next question: What should we do about the medallion?
    The game must go on! The game must go on! The game must go on!-----------------
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    Just remembered something. You know how the wind has a 50% chance to randomize every single thing in the game on round 5?
    That means floppykiller's "win" is in jeopardy!
    *flips coin*
    Oh, it lost the 50% The win randomly goes to Vanderwaal!
    The good team wins!-----------------
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      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2015
    ^ and that is why i quit
    Relax. It won't happen again. Please un-quit.-----------------
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    • CommentAuthorpuzzle geek (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2015
    uhh.... not quite mathdude... floppy needed to win, as you'll see when this thing ends...-----------------
    This is kinda dying, as all our players are leaving.
    (1) DailyEvilKiller: Goes away on game one, not seen since.
    (2) Madball: Leaves for no reason without notice ("away 8 - 10", yeah, LAST MONTH!!)
    (3) BioManiac R2 (repeatedly states leaving)
    (4) floppykiller (hasn't logged in for 7 days, wonder if he just gets on for WW's)

    I propose we hold off on this and play Color Court, but please puzzle geek, SAVE PROGRESS and don't start over (I do NOT want to relive the 50% mess-up round).-----------------
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    • CommentAuthorpuzzle geek (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2015
    lol, its now or never, if we quit ww8, we lose the entire plot, we'd have to resumes ww8 later on. no restarts!-----------------
    I didn't SAY we were QUITTING. I just said we could PAUSE the game and resume later with round 6 and we keep items.-----------------
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    I think this is probably dead. On to color court!
    Puzzle geek, make a note of the entire state of the game. Maybe later when people are more active and such, we can resume this.

    "lol, its now or never, if we quit ww8, we lose the entire plot, we\\'d have to [resume] ww8 later on. no restarts!"
    That's what I was saying. We would just delay this and replay later. Then you could even readmit Madball. And you're clearly on board with the idea that we can't start ALL over.

    Also, I don't want to start all the way over for the following reasons:
    • I do NOT want to relive the random mess-up round
    • I got many good items and REALLY don't want to give them up
    • The probability of getting useful items increased, we would have to lose that

    So, in summary: We postpone this, but we all keep our items.

    Sink thread please-----------------
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    • CommentAuthorpuzzle geek (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015
    nono! no restarts, just on pause for a bit, perhaps until a few round of color courts are over.
    btw, what does sinking a thread do anyway? (please do NOT sink this thread)-----------------
    1. That is what I was saying. We are in agreement.
    2. Sink means if you post, the thread is not bumped to the front page. This can be undone.-----------------
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      CommentAuthorTheForumIsDead314 (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2015 edited
    I've written this post on-and-off over three days or more... so, I think it's ok, but I'm not completely sure about it so please don't despise the entire post for one or two small mistakes or things you're slightly opposed to.

    To: puzzle geek
    Subject: WW8 continuation?

    I've seen quite a bit of activity. We have three new members (YSNP, Is It Not Surprising, and I hate character lim(its)) and it just seems like I'd want to resume WW8 — if we can get five players. (I suppose I should get the robot character developed. It functions as an extra player, but only use for emergencies.) I seem to sense that me, Vanderwaal, floppykiller, and two of the new players will join.
    However, I have expectations from you as well to get this thing on the road.
    • Fix your grammar! A couple spelling errors here and there is ok but three per sentence it not. Fir exampl, the last sentense is ok (but could be inproved) but this 1 is trash. I actually probably have three spelling errors in here that aren't deliberate. But 20 per post is not going to work.
    • Spend time on your posts! Don't write "evil bmallab [sic] died. game over. good win." ("bmallab" is five deviations from "madball".) Write something like:
    Game Over
    Madball was voted out, and you forcefully disconnect him. He was on the evil team!
    Congratulations Good Team! You have successfully defeated the hackers!

    (Reveal roles here.)

    • It might help to create a template for each possibility and use that: Beginning, Night End, Day End, Game Over, and Special Events (e.g. ailments or plot twists). Just make sure the templates are correct:

    Night {number} end! Day {number} start!
    {person} was disconnected by the hackers! -OR- You do a show of hands and find everyone\'s here!

    {players remaining}

    Day {number} end!

    After voting you decide to disconnect {person}... (s)he was on the {team} team!
    You could not come to a majority, so nobody dies.

    {players remaining}

    • Make it something that you can use logic and reasoning to solve, but not completely. For example, every day you could post some blurry clue about the game, such as "There are an even number of people with Alert" or "If Bio and Mathdude are on the same team, then Vanderwaal is on the opposite team as they are". Use ciphers so it's not as ovbious. You could also provide meta-clues: "The keyword for the previous clue is either YSNP's or mathdude's active ability." You could also make it so you get more information. Use as few "30% chance to do X" as possible. Make the spy reveal the team and their active ability 100% of the time, not 50%.

    Another idea is to create a design with some game or puzzle on it, that if solved provides you with a code that you whisper to the GM and you get another of an item you already have (so you can use one for quests and the other for the game). Be sure you don't enable source code.

    • Do something about Bio's medallion. If he doesn't join, rename the folder /system/users/BioManiac R2 to /system/users/YSNP (or any of the three new users that joins).
    • Give late joiners random item collections. It's not fair that I have like 8 items just because I've been playing since round one while newcomers start with nothing.
    • Finally, provide a game report at the end. I've gone to the trouble of compiling chat logs and whispering them and they were never used. It's good to reveal roles too.

    This is the item list as of game 3 start:
    Lumber: Active. Used to make a fence to protect your banana trees if [you're] a farmer. OK
    Spring water: Passive. Prevents being disconnected by hackers. I suggest being able to disable it, as you might want to die (for example, you\'ve been bound to one of the hackers or the ??? and you want the other hacker to pick you), or you absolutely need the water for a quest.
    Slime: Active. Binds two people. Make it so it always binds except that Protect, cactus needles, and tumbleweed blocks the bind. Also, make it so in 2 or 2.5 cycles, it wears off. But nothing less.
    Tumbleweed: Passive. Next time that is used on you has a 50% chance of failing to work. This is badly worded. Also allow you to disable it, and make it so if it doesn\'t disable an effect, the tumbleweed survives.
    Cactus Needles: Active. Cures status ailments. OK
    Sand: Active. Blinds someone. Isn\'t this a 33% chance? Make it so it lasts for only one day, the chance is 100%, and it\'s a status ailment.
    Icicle: Passive. Protects from theft. Allow it to be disabled.
    Cellphone: Automatic. Learn the identity of a random player. Also make it so if you\'re evil, you can call the other evil member if there are two.
    Seaweed: Active. 33% chance to learn identity and abilities of the player of you choice. They'll know who did it though. Make it so it always works, and only reveals two of the {Team, Active, Passive}, and the same two every time. AND that it says ??? if you spy on them.
    Pearl: Active. Post one comment as GM. OK
    Food: Active. Increases luck while exploring. OK

    =================== This section is unfinished ==================

    The robot is a character in werewolf games that acts randomly unless it's given information. I haven't built it yet. For example:
    • Hacker: Kills randomly until it gets info.
    • Spy: Spies on random people, of course won't spy on the same person twice, and evil spies won't spy on the person they're going to kill.

    • Voting: If good, it has random chances to trust a player. (For example, if there's a 60% chance someone's good, the bot has a 60% chance to trust them.) Votes randomly if it trusts no one. If evil, then vote for the most useful good member.-----------------
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    i would do it
    Yay he's back!
    Ok so far we have two...-----------------
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      CommentAuthorTheForumIsDead314 (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2015 edited
    I created a program in JSFiddle that randomizes all roles automatically and returns the list using good grammar. EDIT: this is faulty, it does not show the Intelligent results and it gave 3 evil when I tested with 7 players
    To use, look on the bottom right, add enough players until you reach the correct number, type the names, and click submit. No player will get a useless role.-----------------
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    • CommentAuthorpuzzle geek (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2015
    Well, I think we need to call this once and for all.
    I hate to say it but I have given up on this. We never got enough enthusiasm.

    So I feel that it's time to reveal everything that I planned, or as much that I can recall.

    Obviously, I was SilentX.
    I am NOT however silentY or silentZ. no idea who they are.

    The plan was to have 10 rounds. after the 10th round, I would get kidnapped by SilentX, and you guys would have to go on a merry adventure to rescue me using skills, thoughts, ideas, and Items that you had gathered.

    The only way to successfully win was if all 4 gems (medallions) had been found.

    The forest gem required 2 people to get it. the first person to find the location would get the gem if they were lucky enough to have someone else also find the location in the same night. The person who gets the gem would get trapped on the island, and would be dead after the next night if no body went back to the location and rescued him.

    The desert gem was just a stupidly low chance of finding it. 5% I think, maybe even lower.

    the Tundra gem was gotten if you found the old man and gave him what he wanted. He would then give you the gem. (I do not recall what he wanted, but I think it was a crafted item.)

    The ocean gem was gotten if you found the flippers in the tundra. You then had to explore the ocean and find a clam 5 times to get the water gem.

    I do not have a complete list of all the items or all the crafting recipies. I believe there were 4 or 5 in total.

    Additionally, there was a 5th gem. the dark gem. this gem was to be given to the first person who had won as team ???. this dark gem holder was supposed to become silentX.

    And that's pretty much it.-----------------
    Oh well. I have something planned too, muhahahaha!!

    Let me try a system. Basically, I'm going to have puzzle stations. Here's a simple example (I can do better than this, I just didn't want to waste a good riddle before the game started):

    I escape the perfect bind,
    I\'m always in an empty jar.
    You see me if you\'re blind,
    I\'m neither near nor far.

    Whisper the answer to the GM and get information!

    True, it's a bit of a stretch, but it works.-----------------
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    • CommentAuthorpuzzle geek (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2015
    except that isn't WW8, and the answer is air/nothing-----------------
    except I was trying to decide if the next RP should be WW9 or something really different.-----------------
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