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      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2015 edited
    Hello Janrocyan51 and welcome to the Colour Infection Forums!

    I see you have been busy and have created many new discussions, but please slow down!

    Our forum does not have very much activity at the moment and I fear many of your posts will go un-noticed and no one will reply,

    therefore, I have removed each individual discussion and placed each comment from each one into the spoiler below,

    and I ask that any further discussions you want to create, instead be added as comments into this thread. After reading this I will re-name this thread to "Janrocyan51's Challenges!"

    Creating multiple discussions without providing any content to them is considered spam so I ask you not to do this otherwise you will be allowed to post on the forums.

    Here\'s my example:

    That\'s my example design.

    It should be this Chain Domino, check it out!

    Ohh! I just know that! It should be a good idea!

    Code Sniplet Games!!
    1. Go to phyard editor.
    2. Go to triggers.
    3. Select any event.
    4. Make your own other entity setting.

    Try to conset your own ideas so I can be spammed.

    Try your color infection editor then I will test it.
    Easy-%100 spammed
    Hard-%0 spammed

    Tell my detour and will think of a main idea that creates about my school time for blackshear.

    Think about a kind of ragdoll.


    Mayor to a Seqence Terminal Space Year.

    About me
    7 years old, making people invente, making marble races, like to be advanced.

    I just make action for Mathdude\'s team.

    You get to have a free bouns to watch this trailler.

    Here\'s my first design!

    It\'s called "Marble race party 1/7"!

    Share Games and non-puzzled phyard designs. Get your designs for me. What kind of designs do you want for me?

    Tell me what marble do you want for a party?

    It\'s a first for the Exploded Shooter. Here\'s an example:

    I created the design out of 2 bomb Rectangles.

      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2015
    Here is Mathdude's reply with design for the one challenge:

    Whoa, lots of threads! :O

    I'm a bit confused. Is this what you want?
    About five of his threads I didn't even open. I was encouraging him at first but I knew he needed to slow down. I kept waiting for a mod to come and resolve it.
    I think in your original post you should explain that you are a moderator and what that means (that one thing next to your name is easy to miss).-----------------
    3.14159265358979323846264338327950288... Nothing Here
    Yes, I was never closser to spammer than a week I started going about too much comments and discussions and to slow down. This is really I get to it. Here's my memories:
    1. Create my first discussion.
    2. I quit and get sorry after Mathdude314 says "bye".
    3. Then BioManiac R2 shows me a new discussion called "Janrocyan51 please read.".
    This is not my mastake! Each of my challenge designs and your design that you want for me is posable. Here's my profile:
    Real Name: Janro
    Email Address:
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: April 8, 2008
    Here's my good discussion comment:
    If you have the good discussion, comment it to answer somebody then someone will answer you.
    Here's my password:
    Here's my total status:
    So did you agree it?
      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2015
    Janrocyan51 what is your native language? Because I really don't think it's english...
    If you give me mathdude's reply. What kind of example do you want for me so I can be moved to spammed?
      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2015
    Janrocyan51 created a thread saying "Score your name after you click Members and to pick one username and type the number to show how many scores."

    for some reason he is requesting to be the role of spammer, so I have allowed him such.
    He essentially claimed to be 7 years old. Is there an age restriction on this forum?-----------------
    3.14159265358979323846264338327950288... Nothing Here
      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015
    Idk, but no one posted in 3 days... so I un-spammer-ed him because at least he gave me something to do...
    Things to do? Well, I guess we'll start a new thread.-----------------
    3.14159265358979323846264338327950288... Nothing Here
    What!?? My mom give me to Janro's acount! Mathdude is going to a new thread and your un-spammered me!:OYou should give me back to it!
    Is this what you wan't?
    Idk, but no one posted in 3 days... so I unspammer-ed him because at least he gave me something to do... by BioManiac R2
    Things to do? Well, I guess we'll start a new thread. by Mathdude
    Here's my message:
    Dear BioManic R2 and Mathdude314,
    I wan't you to please me what your doing at my support of Challenges for me. You should slow down right away to mind and breath, how about another life? You will need to edit your comments.
    7 years old
    Wait a minute! Why did you change please read to challenges?
    I type in my message so you can remember how to do.
    Dear BioManiac R2,
    You should bring me back to spammered because you wrote down my folowing.
    1. Member
    2. Spammer
    3. Member
    Hey, you aged to be some counts. Is there a comferene chain age to do?
    Those are my Roles for my account.
      CommentAuthorBioManiac R2 (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2015
    because I said in my post that you should only post stuff in this thread and can post everything here :)
    Fine!>:(He just tell me why he was very kind about that I'm am very afraid about patterns like this:M S M. You should got a big mastake, you should add an S not add a M again in my role of the member type, I will give you one more chance or else I quit and make another detail of how I will make you un-moderatored.
    • CommentAuthorJanrocyan51
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2015 edited
    Go to my account in "Members"

    This is where my role is, open it and tell me what happened to my member's role.
    You know, we can just click your name, and it brings up your account.-----------------
    3.14159265358979323846264338327950288... Nothing Here
    We'll how much time will get serious if we have 19 comment or more. If you have a prize box anything in member, you can click my name not my full name. Is there any time to get me up? Why does BioManiac R2 un-spammered me? What message do I miss for bring spammer up? Because you do not listen to my little expert comment epaporation Neat of science lab blackshear. My school name is blackshear.1 hour later... that's it! Time for delete your meeting promiss. I'm sorry that I do not understand that you said that I said the spammer thinking. Hey, how about new!?? I'm a good ramdomer role of spammered. Can I join you guys?
    • CommentAuthorJanrocyan51
    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2015 edited
    I aged to be 8 years because I ate food.
    Janrocyan51 make his design named Mathdudesathlon Day 1 in Mathdudesathlons in Color Infection.
    Check it out then, is it ok that I wanted to be spammered or Moderated? Is it a good design? Why?

    Hi and welcome to Mathdudesathlon First Event. I made that for copying Jack Speros ideas that I have to reach to spammer role so that I can feel better if you watch this. First, I wan't you to show this first design.
    Mathdudesathlon Day 1:

    Mathdudesathlon Day 2 is coming in October 17.
    • CommentAuthorpuzzle geek (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2015
    Uhh... This isn't facebook or twitter... The forum doesn't have a like/subscribe/whatever system...-----------------
      CommentAuthorTheDudeFromCI (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2015
    Lol. All you can do here is a type a message like this.-----------------
    Orange is my favorite number.
    • CommentAuthorJanrocyan51
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2015 edited
    Sorry, if BioMannic R2 named this note called Punishment time ended when I do not get logged in, he will never ever get very happy:(we'll you didn't type a message in there TheDudeFromCI. BioMannic R2 show me the discussion, not every spammered then member or else I will disagree that he return me something, he let's my note when you let me spammered requested to be a spammer, also spammed. Now can you return it back because I was going to promiss you guy so did you want me to vote? Vote it in my strawpoll.
    Voting closes at October 31 bacause it's halloween.
    I'm not sure I have a secret naming, but I have a recital at the Rhythm Music School! Imagin that are you going to recital?

    You can even get much and much of designs, remember | your a good member, so tell a request to a moterator to choose a change role, you are puzzle geek and TheDudeFromCI, not roling both of Advanced Member. We'll start me of BioMannic R2 and I will say "sorry" then I will type in the sorry notes.
    Keep commenting... Maybe, but no one stoped commenting so I will be busy because he tells me about something to do... or maybe, but no one chooses to let me spammered so I will continue my discussion because it's lol timer for a chain of recration 8 1/8 age. Is there a remaking chain to do? Let me back soon to make a good message. Right now I'm too busy about comments for stuffs about the name of Janrocyan51's Challenges!(Not really a ! mark to the rest of the comments). So can you cancel this discussion because I'm done with this?
    ...Or if you give me puzzle geek's and TheDudeFromCI's reply. What wrong with this so I can be spammed?
    • CommentAuthorpuzzle geek (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2015
    Woah, don't bring me into this... :P-----------------
    Siruiously? What kind of thing are you talking about? You should seen that it was very upset to you boy. Because I remembered you there should be no one to be my friend and helper.:P Ok, relax. We just did that. There's another way how to type in a W:vv. You put 3 v's. Your message, here are the five remaining.
    1. I lost my prodream.
    2. I hate your message.
    3. This Discussion has too much comments.
    4. You should stop saying:Whee, hoo.
    5. And stop bringing me bad messages. Ok!