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    (1) Glue 2 or more shapes together, as in this scene (the four blues are glued together; the red is not glued to anything):

    (2) Select a new shape and one of the shapes in the glue set. Glue those together. (For example, in the design above, glue the red to the first blue.)
    (3) What should happen is one of these things:
    • Red and Blue1 are glued, and separate from the others. The other three are not affected.
    • Red becomes part of the blue group.
    However, what actually happens is that the blues all separate! Even the three right ones, which should not be affected, still separate:

    This behavior is annoying when I want to add a shape to a glued group, and I have to select everything in that group before adding in the new shape.
    Perhaps this is because I always work in Cookie Mode, but it would still be nice to not have to break up the entire group just to add in a new shape.

    A similar thing happens if you try to break the first two blues — the entire group disbands, instead of just releasing those two.-----------------
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      CommentAuthorTheDudeFromCI (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2016
    I thought this was a feature. This has been in the editor since I first joined the forums years ago. (Unless I'm not understanding what you're saying.)

    When working with brother groups, toggling the cookie button is very helpful.-----------------
    Orange is my favorite number.
    But still, I would think the last three should remain glued to each other...-----------------
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    • CommentAuthorXyuzhg (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2016 edited
    Generally, when handling groups of objects glued together, if you expect to edit a property common to all of the objects, you should disable cookie mode.
    What you happened should be expected in that you are only editing the brother groups of the two selected objects.-----------------
    Hopefully PA is inconsistent.
    But I want the last three to remain glued, just not to the first group. I want it to go from
    (A), (B+C+D+E)
    (A+B), (C+D+E)
    Instead it gives
    (A+B), (C), (D), (E)-----------------
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