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    Challenge One: Free-Fall Challenge
    You lose when every shape has its center below the line y=0. (But those shapes are not destroyed and might even be able to resurface.)

    Challenge Two: ...
    Uhhh... can you please tell me why On Joint Reach Limit is not working? You should see the blue rectangle die and the background change to 0x333333.
    If you think you have it I would like a design where it works.

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    • CommentAuthorXyuzhg (Moderator)
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2016 edited
    I'm sure the time can be arbitrarily high given the right setup. An example:

    88 seconds:

    150 seconds:

    Also, I think the slider event handler only likes sliders with active motors.
    Hopefully PA is inconsistent.
      CommentAuthorTheForumIsDead314 (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2016 edited
    Interesting idea. I wonder if I should limit the height you can go, so that a shape that goes more than 500m too high is destroyed.

    (Edit: oops, the slider was attached to the background. The time is in the 270s.)-----------------
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    I'm not too sure what the rules of the second challenge is, or what the objective is, but I suppose it is something like get the blue ball off with red objects in the box
    I think this solution is good enough, I'm not too sure
    Well, I have not built the second challenge yet. But I will accept your half baked idea...-----------------
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