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    • CommentAuthormeh
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    My knowledge in programming is very little, I dont know how to create currency, AI that autoshoots at enemy(turrets). Buy, Drag and place turrets and make it immovable by the mouse again. and having healthbars for the waves and damage for the turrets. How do I post a design here so that I can show you guys of some things I know?
    1. Enable Source Code, so we can load your level into the editor.
    Click the "i" on the top left (second from the left on the top row of buttons)
    On the dialog box click "Share Source Code", then OK.

    2. Export Level
    Click the icon on the very top left of the editor window (looks like a save icon and a folder).
    Click "Save Offline (xml)"
    On the dialog bog click "Copy Forum Embed Play Code (XXXX bytes)". This will copy a string that represents the level. (Hopefully that number is at most 10000 or so.) WARNING: Please paste the PLAY CODE, not the other two codes, into the forum.
    Go to the forum and write a comment and paste. The massive wall of nonsense text will become your level when you post the comment.

    (The source code is used to load levels, the play code for the forum, and the embed code is for embedding in other websites.)-----------------
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    Here is a simple tutorial on shape health.

    Click each red ball to damage it. Each one has 3 health. You can click them in any order.

    How to learn from it:
    (1) Right-click the design.
    (2) Select "Copy Source Code" from the right-click (context) menu.
    (3) In a fresh editor window, click that load/save button in the top left, and select Load Offline. (The editor window should be fresh, or else you lose what you were working on in that editor window.)
    (4) Select the triggers (they look like rectangles with icons in the center and two blue rectangles on the sides) and open their settings (press space or the hammer/wrench icon in the center of the top toolbar).
    (5) Read. Tinker. Learn.
    (6) Ask questions if things are not clear.-----------------
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    • CommentAuthormeh
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2017
    Here's some stuff I need to work on.

    1. Adding numbered health bar on tower. Adding damage of the enemy approaching(if they make contact to the tower, they do damage over time. and damage depends on the kind of enemy)
    2. Adding Numbered health to enemies(like the gun will do 10 damage or something like that. and Adding better random enemy spawn(currently Im just using timing, but it is very predictable. I want something random that slowly increases spawn rate over time)
    3. Adding currency, Like if you kill a certain enemy you gain certain amount of money, and if you buy something, it decreases your money.(I tried this, but it can still decrease even hitting after 0) Also create a shop, Like if you pause or click shop button, You go to shop to upgrade something.
    4. Adding different timing on guns. What I can do now is either shoot 1 by 1. or spam it all the way. I want something that shoots at intervals to avoid spamming and making it more challenging. Im adding upgrades so that you can shoot faster or do more damage by your guns.

    I still dont know how to create these stuff

    • CommentAuthormeh
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2017
    Forgot to enable copy source code. here