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    • CommentAuthormeh
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2017
    Im gonna try to recreate the mobile app 1010!. Which is quite similar to tetris. I need just 5 functions.

    1. Make certain blocks draggable by mouse(by CCaT if possible) and once we place it, it changes CCaT then the shape would no longer be draggable.
    2. Detect if the player successfully filled a line and clear the line almost instant. Like in tetris, If the line is filled it will be cleared and added to score
    3. Make blocks spawnrate random. also like in tetris, the blocks are randomly given and the player would need to improvise.
    4. Scoring. Each and everytime the player successfully place a block, He gets more score. and when he clear a line. he also get scores.
    5. Since space checker(if you ever played the game you'd understand) is hard to pull off. I just need a timer. The player will be given 20 seconds for each block. If he fails to place a block he lose. If he does, He resets the timer. and there would be 3 blocks available each try(like in the game).

    I tried to learn some of these functions using biomaniacs design. But I cant copy the source code. Here: