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      CommentAuthorTheForumIsDead314 (Advanced Member)
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2017 edited
    Goal: Allow the blue car to pass and the red BAD car to fall (or get stuck while on the bridge).

    • Use only rectangles and joints
    • No triggers, user interaction, gravity controllers, power sources, or module shapes
    • No joint or rectangle longer than 4 (for rectangles, the "length" is the longer of its width and height)
    • No motorized joints. This includes sliders and hinges set to zero motor speed to create "friction".
    • No attaching joints to pre-made objects EXCEPT the red "nodes" next to the walls of the "pit".
    • Nothing higher than 25 density, friction must be between 0 and 3, and restitution must be between 0 and 1

    Things to note
    • The blue car is heavier than the BAD car, but it has more friction.
    • Solutions where the two cars never touch are preferred.
    • The cars are designed to be released at a RANDOM time, so you cannot rig a mechanism to fall after X seconds

    Extra points if nothing remains of your design after the car falls.
    Extra points if your bridge snaps back to allow a third car to pass. (You can place such a car in the design so long as it does not interact with the first two or the bridge until after the regular part is completed, or you can simply teleport the blue car back endlessly.)

    EDIT: My Entry
    I have tried it over a dozen times in the editor and 4 times in the forum.

    EDIT 2: Harder Version

    • Removed two of the four red nodes
    • Added an extra green car AFTER the red that must also get across (like one of the extra bonus challenges for the first version)
    • Longer gap to cross
    • Longer average wait times (and thus more variation)-----------------
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    New Update
    I added a new version and some extra bonus challenges to go "above and beyond" a normal entry. (The leave-nothing-behind would be REALLY tricky on Version Two.)-----------------
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    First design for quite a long time:

    (Edited because I decided not to read.)-----------------
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