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    • CommentAuthormeh
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2018

    I want to have a filtered scoring system so that if the entity touches an entity with a certain collision category there would be an update on the score text. I tried combining the filter of my rotatable blocks and my scoring system but I cant get it right somehow.

    H=Hidden CCat
    A=CCat A

    If they make contact
    H+H=no score added or no event will be triggered
    H+A=there will be score added or event triggered
    1. Gravity field: You computed "mass - 7.84", but what you want is "-7.84 * mass".
    2. The level completed load scene event handler does not have two shapes connected.
    3. The semipermeable membrane does not work with the bullets.
    4. "Moves Keyboard" has gravity if you keep holding the up key.

    You want OnTwoPhysicsShapesStartContacting Any to Any.*

    CCat1 = GetCollisionCategory(PhysicsShape1)
    CCat2 = GetCollisionCategroy(PhysicsShape2)

    if CCat1 is A:
        if CCat2 is H:
            do event

    if CCat1 is H:
        if CCat2 is A:
            do event

    *you can also use the entity pair filter with similar logic to the above-----------------
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